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What is Star Wars and what are the names there

Gifted with unparalleled imagination, George Lucas never had a problem imagining the inhabitants of the Star Wars galaxy. It is densely populated - not overcrowded: Gungans, Corellians, Twi'leks, Imperial cutthroats, Jedi foot soldiers, bounty hunters, droids. Moreover, everyone knows which of these creatures he has the most beloved. Names and surnames in Star Wars are not just first and last names. For example, Yoda is taken from Hebrew, which translates as knowledge, wisdom and one who knows. Anakin - the Canaanite tribes did their best here. Well, Vader in Dutch means father.

Darth Vader was the first character Lucas dreamed up for Star Wars. Darth Vader and eventually became the main character of the saga. All six episodes have now developed into one legend about an ardent youth named Anakin Skywalker. To save his beloved, he began to serve the darkness, betrayed his friends and mentor, then turned into an ugly burnt stump (externally and, as we are hinted at, internally), blew up planets, tortured princesses, shot rebels, did evil, and only before death did he return to light. A beautiful, in general, legend.

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