Title Case Converter

Easily make first letters of each word (except prepositions and conjunctions) uppercase

How to convert text to title case

Step 1

Paste or enter your text in the first field

Step 2

Click on the corresponding button to perform the case change

Step 3

In the second field, you will see the text changed to title case

How best to format headings

Whoever taught, he remembers: significant words must be written with a capital letter, service words with a lowercase letter. Sometimes this rule is simplified and all words are capitalized, especially in newspaper headlines and song titles. But the writer is often required to draw up according to the rules, and the rule is as follows: 1. The first and last words of the title are always written with a capital letter, even if they are official. 2. All other words are written with a capital letter, except for: - articles - they are written with a small letter; - conjunctions and prepositions with less than 4 letters; - particles before the infinitive;

- Those forms of the verb to be in which there are less than 4 letters; - in complex words written with a hyphen, the second word will be written with a small letter if it is a definition to the first word or a part of speech other than the first. 3. There is no full stop at the end of the heading. Quotes and special characters are not used in titles. The best headlines rarely attract clicks on the basis of well-chosen words: they promise interesting, useful, and engaging stories in the first place. Putting your storytelling skills and the right meanings into one small sentence is not an easy task. This is why some copywriters spend up to 50% of their article writing time on a headline.

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