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A noun - what kind of part of speech it is, what permanent and non-permanent signs does it have, what it is in a sentence. A noun is an independent part of speech that denotes an object and answers the questions who? what? A noun is a part of speech, the highlighting of which brings to the fore the grammatical features of words. As for the meaning of nouns, this is the only part of speech that can mean anything: object (table), face (boy), animal (cow), sign (depth), abstract concept (conscience), action (singing) , relation (equality).

Here is a generator of random English words. All available word generators are presented to your attention. Of course, there are not as many of them here as on other sites. However, we are constantly working on improving algorithms and adding new interesting generators. The noun generator is an equally popular tool for generating random words. The latest update has added new features such as displaying the last ten words. A huge vocabulary base, collected from modern and non-modern literary works.

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