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How to convert PDF to WORD

Step 1

Upload the file in the PDF format using the button or simply drag and drop the file to the site page.

Step 2

Start the conversion by clicking on the corresponding button and wait for the conversion to finish.

Step 3

Download the resulting Word file to your computer or phone. Don't forget to tell your friends about us.

What is PDF and what is WORD

PDF files can contain a variety of content in addition to simple text and graphics, including logical structures, interactive elements such as annotations and forms. -fields, layers, multimedia (including video content) and 3D objects using U3D or PRC, as well as various other data formats. You can download absolutely everything in PDF format: pictures, text, links, any tables, presentations, and so on and so forth. The PDF specification also provides for encryption and digital signatures, file attachments, and metadata to support workflows that require these features. PDF is a very convenient format for viewing various text and graphic information. The creator of PDF, or Portable Document Format, was John Warnock, one of the founders of Adobe, who wanted to make it easier to print text and images from a computer. In 1984, Warnock introduced the PostScript page description language. Initially, PostScript was developed as a tool for printing documents to a printer, but later Warnock decided that with the help of the new language, it was possible not only to print documents, but also to completely digitize the workflow system.

The use of electronic documents in the work of any company is a great opportunity not only to reduce the cost of stationery and consumables for printers, but also to significantly speed up the exchange of information with branches and partners by sending files over the Internet. However, the process of implementing electronic document management and paperless office is associated with many difficulties. So, for example, a great difficulty is the choice of a suitable format, which will form the basis of the implemented system. The fact is that today there are many different text formats and their modifications, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A Microsoft Word document is a doc or docx file. Until the 1990s, the doc extension was used for text files that did not contain markup.

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