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How to count characters in the text

Step 1

Paste or input the text into the first window

Step 2

Make all the necessary settings and click on the button

Step 3

Now you can view and check the resulting numbers

Ways to count characters in text

A simple form for counting the number of characters with and without spaces will help you save time when filling out information on certain sites where the amount of acceptable text is limited. Also, if you are a copywriter, you need to limit the amount of written text and fit into certain frames specified by the customer. Any customer of the text has its own requirements for the work performed (technical task). As a rule, in such a task, the following are voiced: topic, type of text, purpose of the work, its uniqueness, text structure. Also, the site owner indicates the desired literacy of the author. But the main criterion is the number of characters. After all, these data are needed to calculate the cost of work. Basically, all writers get paid based on the cost of 1000 characters.

Online character counter is a tool for accurately counting the number of characters in a text in two modes: the total number of characters and characters without spaces. This is a free online calculator that calculates the number of characters or letters in the text, which is needed when publishing on Twitter and a lot of other sites. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, or just chatting with colleagues or business partners, the number of characters in the text always matters. What matters is not what you write, but how you write it. And how many characters you use. With this simple tool you can determine the number of characters in the text, with and without spaces, find out the number of words, commas and spaces.

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